Hear it on a timeless wavelength

It’s Alright by Pet Shop Boys was my first CD Single. After hearing the extended version at the end of year school disco in 1989, I quickly fell in love with the track. Once I found it as on CD, I quickly fell in love with the CD Single format!

Pet Shop Boys - It's Alright

I was just 11 years old at the time and had just ended my final year of primary school. “Big School” loomed on the horizon and while I was filled with all sorts of anxieties It’s Alright always lifted my mood whenever I listened to it. It’s a hopeful song and its 1980s house/dance style felt positive.

I already had the Pet Shop Boys’ Actually album on cassette (but not yet Introspective as albums were kept as birthday and Christmas gifts at that point) which I already loved and listened to endlessly on my Walkman.

It’s Alright on CD Single was kind of a compromise; a preview of a new album that I could afford with my pocket money and also a way to get both the 7-inch and 12-inch versions of the title track (and 2 B-sides!) in my preferred format.

Yours aye.

–Graham (@grhmthmsn)

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